Conflict of Interest

I have recently retained a Lawyer in Pasquotank County, NC. I found out this morning that my wife used my lawyer in previous cases against other spouses for different dependents. All of the dealings were conducted before my wife and I were involved. I contacted my lawyer this morning and found out that she did in fact represent my wife before, but under a different name (thus the reason my lawyer didn’t catch it earlier). My lawyer told me that my wife had contacted her after I had already spoken with her, and because of conflict of interest she did not return the call. My lawyer also told me that she could still represent me against my wife because the other cases were against other spouses with other children, which are not involved in this case. Is this accurate? Or should I be concerned and begin looking for other counsel? Does your firm have any recommendations for Pasquotank County?

As a precaution, if I were the attorney, I would seek a waiver of conflicts to be signed by your wife. Please contact our client liaison for a referral in your County.

I contacted your liaison, and was referred to another attorney. This attorney stated that the particular situation I am in IS in fact a conflict of interest. My current lawyer, who I am concerned about, has told me that it shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t feel comfortable with that. I have been told that I should be able to request a full reimbursement for the work my lawyer has already done, as she should have done a thorough enough check for conflict of interest before hand and is now in question. Would I be within reason to ask for reimbursement? If so, what is reasonable?

If you feel uncomfortable and do not consent to a waiver of conflict you may ask for a refund.