My back and forth exchange with the ex (divorced now for 4 years) escalated as spousal support ended last month and she is now saying that she intends to let my daughter get a job next summer, regardless of the court order that stated I get 30 days visitation during the summer. I’m sure that this is just in retaliation (somehow) for my ending the alimony payments per the agreed upon schedule. Is my only recourse taking her to court for contempt, or is there another way? And if so, do I actually have to wait until she refuses to allow them to visit, or is there something I could do proactively? I have to schedule vacations months in advance, so its a little late to reschedule if I have to wait until she actually fails to allow my visitation.


Sorry, but your post does not give me enough facts too know what your concerns are. Do you live out of town? Will the job interfere with your visits? Most high school students get jobs, and employers are usually flexible with their schedules. Nothing you have told me has indicated that your daughter will not be able to visit or take vacations with you. Perhaps you should talk with your daughter and see what her expectations are for the upcoming summer so you can plan your visitation accordingly.