Copy of Paperwork

If you click on the “divorce” tab on this website, it will give you the forms to use and what to do. You have to be separated for one year and a day before they can be filed. Then you have to wait 30 days to go to court for the divorce to be finalized.
I am going from what I remember…
You need copies of the forms, and on specific colored paper. Then you have to have them “served” to your soon to be ex.

Does anyone have a copy of their divorce papers that they would be willing to share? We are having a difficult time wading through all the paperwork. I thought maybe an example would help us. Or if someone is very familiar with the process and would be willing to help. It should be an easy divorce - we agree on everything and have no children. We are just confused about the process. If anyone can help, please let us know. Thank you.