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I know yur pain. I have been waiting for a court date for 6 months now. BTW, I am a male in the exeact same situation where my wife of 14 years set me up for 2 DVOs in 1 week. Never had one while living with her and my two sons which are all ADHD until after 14 years and all in one week! Her sister told her what she needed to do in order to get customdy of our sons, the home and most of my paycheck.

DVOs are the most abused laws on record.


what is a dvo?

Domestic Violence Ordr=er


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I spent an hour typing my info in the other nite and I am not sure where it went. I was served August 19 2005 with dvo, temp custody, child support, and divorce papers with not notice. My husband and I had been married for 12 years and the first few I can say were rocky. He threw me out 6 times and took dvos’ out on me 2. I know you here it all before but I did not do any thing in fact this time we were not even fighting. I fould over 20,000.00dollars in july last year and confronted him about it and next thing I know we are getting a divorce. I hired a PI in Sept 2005 and he found out my husband has been having an affair since 2001. We have 2 children one 17 that i had from a previous relationship and never was married and 8 year old that is his. to make a long story short as possible, my husband gross 380,000. dollars in 2004. I work my own business since we have been married . In 2003 I graduated massage school and started my own business next door to his. When I was served these paper for the dvo I was not even able to go to work. Being experienced with him doing this to me in the past I had a feeling the way he was acting something was up. We were not fighting but it was not right. He changed the lock on the business and took keys off my ring disconnected the internet and alarm on my side of the business. I called the police and they advised me to get my minor son and keep him with me. I went straight to the magistrate and the magistrate told me not to worry my husband could not throw me out like he did 10 years ago. In the mean time my husband has followed me to the magistrate office and trys to pull my son out of my arms in front of the magistrate. That night I had a nervous break down and ended up in the hospital . I hid my car at a friends house and came home that sunday. While I was in the hospital my husband had convinced my daughter that I was having an affair and the following friday I was served with the papers. You must be wondering what is wrong with me. My husband owned his own home and business before we were married so you can see why he goes to extreme. unfortunately I have spent 75,000.00 in living , PI, and attorneys to show that we had a lavish lifestyle and I am not a threat to him or my children. But ask me how many times I have been to court???
I have yet to testify infront of a judge or get PSS, My credit was perfect and now My husband has not paid the bills and what I am told it is called “starving the wife” it is working. I only get to see my son 36 hours out of 14 days that is sleeping and waking hours> I have retained 2 Attorneys the best i THOUGHT. I have asked for court dates and I get excuses. court is backed up and so forth. I need help. There is so much detail I could tell you. I have even thought to write to Associated press, Larry King, Montel you name it.
Do you have any advice???