Court Information

My former attorney told me at my child custody hearing she subpoenaed one of my character witnesses. The witness did not show up for the hearing. I asked my character witness about it. She said she did not receive a subpoena and did not know anything about the hearing. Now, my former attorney claims she subpoenaed all of my character witnesses. No one showed up for my hearing. Is there any way to find out if she really subpoenaed any of my witnesses?

My former attorney was not prepared to litigate during my back child support hearing. When it was my former attorney’s turn to present evidence, she stood up and told the judge, “AAhh! client can’t afford it.” She shrugged her shoulders and politely sat back down. She did not present any evidence on my behalf. Is there any way I could get a transcription of my back child support hearing to send with my formal grievance to the NC State Bar?

With respect to the subpoenas you may ask your attorney for copies of them, and check with the clerk to see if there are copies in the court file.
Most counties now record all court hearings so that you may request an audio transcript in addition to the written version. You will need to contact the clerk for these as well.