Custody Case Going to Trial Pro Se

My husband is preparing for a custody trial pro se against his ex-wife who has an attorney. We have been reading the NC statutes in preparation for the trial. We have a few questions:

  1. He served his ex with a set of interrogatories and admissions. She answered most of them vaguely and did not answer some of them at all. In addition, she did not follow the required format for responses as outlined in the statutes. Furthermore, there are inconsistencies in her answers indicating dishonesty. Can he use her responses as part of his interrogation of her? Can he point out her vague and/or missing responses? I think we have missed the opportunity to file a Motion to Compel due to passed time.

  2. We have several individuals we are issuing subpoenas for. However, we have read that a trial can take an entire week, or be scheduled for a day or two over several weeks. How can we indicate an accurate date on the subpoenas if we do not know when the Judge will listen to witness testimony?

  3. With no attorney on his side, how will my husband be able to present facts related to the case that support him (given that he doesn’t have an attorney who can put him on the stand and question him)?

Thanks so much for your help!

  1. Yes, he should use her inconsistent answers to impeach her.
  2. Subpoenas state that a witness is required to attend court until released, so have the subpoena state the first possible day they may be in court.
  3. He will present his evidence in a narrative form.

He should consider using Rosen Online for assistance in preparing for the hearing.