Custody Document

I’ll keep this as brief as possible because it can become quite convoluted.

I live in Hendersonville, NC and my daughter lives in Salisbury, NC. She was taken away from me almost 3 years ago and custody was awarded to her father. She did not want to move here at that time, so she told the judge that she’d rather live in Salisbury and that was the deciding factor to award custody to him. He then let her live with her grandparents. They tried to intervene and obtain custody but did not succeed. They do not have custody, they are merely guardians/housing for her.

She wants to move to Hendersonville with me and no party wants to contest her decision. The father and grandparents say that they’ll sign a document giving custody back to me, allowing her to move here. She just recently turned 17 and I know that at 18 she can do what she wants, but this has been such a trying event for me and my family that I just want her back and us all to be whole again.

I know there is some form that exists or can be written up for everyone to sign. I’ve spoken to a few lawyers and the clerk of court with no luck. I cannot find what I need and I was hoping that someone here could help.

If someone could help me find this document or point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.

If everyone agrees to the custody terms, you can enter a consent order. This is something that you draft yourself. You can get access to a library of legal forms and communicate with an attorney through our Rosen Online Service. This service only costs $199/month, and would be a great resource for you to handle entering your consent order without hiring an attorney.