Custody Modification

My fiance has a custody order that was incorporated in his divorce decree and signed by a Granville County judge a year and a half ago. My fiance is a wonderful dad to his two daughters, he gets them for visitation every other Friday - Monday morning and every other Wednesday evening, he pays his child support on time every time even if he has to go without ($1500 per month). He is very involved in their school lives and their extra curricular activities, he goes on field trips all the time etc. He spends all the time his ex will allow him to.

The problem is the ex, she is a nightmare! She has denied him his visitation on several occassions because she gets mad at him. When he tries to spend extra time with the kids, she will agree then go back on what she says and deny him. She tells us we cannot take them on vacations to the mountains or Cancun with us even when it is our visitation time. She constantly starts horrible arguments with him in person and on the phone right in front of the children whereas she screams, curses at him, tells him he is a sorry piece of _ _ _ _ father. She tells him she is going to call the police on him for kidnapping right in front of the kids. She has physically attacked him in front of the kids and tried to attack me right in front of the kids. Basically, she does everything she can to try to alienate the kids from their dad and try to use them to control him. It is horrible!

Is this grounds to have custody/visitation modified?

If her behavior has escalated in such way as to put the children at risk for emotional harm then yes, I belive that is grounds for a modification.