Custody Teminology


He’s asking to have primary physical custody, which means that you would get visitation every other weekend and perhaps, one night a week. The rest of the time the children would reside with him.
He’s asking for primary legal custody, which means that you will have no voice in any decision for your children/child for medical, educational, religious, or any other important issues. He does not have to consult you to make a decision that affects them.
As for the “other relief as the Court deems fit and proper”, I’m not certain exactly what that means, but I believe that the it is child support from you. The attorney defined this in a recent post but I do not remember the topic heading.

There are no specific definitions of custody terms. They mean what they are defined as by the parents. For instance, joint custody could mean that one parent has primary care of the child on a day to day basis while the other parent has visitations, or it could mean that you each have the child the same amount of time. If this is what you are requesting then the term should be defined as joint legal and physical custody with equal time. This will only work if the parents get along well enough to be able to share decisions for the children, live close enough so that the children’s lives are not disrupted too much when switching between homes and the parents agree to inform each other of important issues.


We discussed this question and what some of these terms mean in yesterday’s Live show starting at around the 4:55 mark. … y-23-2008/


I have a civil summons for custody. I am the Defendant. The Plaintiff is asking the courts to award to him primary legal and physical care, custody and control of the minor children.
Also he is asking that he have such other relief as the Court deems fit and proper. What I would like to know is what are the diffrent legal terms for types of custody and what do they each mean in plain people wording. I would like to ask for 50/50 custody, or joint custody. What is he asking for?