Definition of Joint Legal & Joint Physical Custody?

Is there a legal definition for joint legal & joint physical custody? I have read what I think are the statutes ( but I’m not even sure I’m looking in the right place. For background I am looking to know our rights as my husband has joint legal and joint physical custody of his two children. Their mom refuses to include him in any major decisions (for instance she just enrolled them in a new school, told them and then told us), and says that until we pay her more money we are not allowed to be involved. I know in my custody agreement with my biological children (from another state) - withholding parenting privileges hostage for money is grounds to have legal custody revoked. But I cannot find anything for NC that even defines legal custody much less ramifications of not honoring it.

Joint legal custody means that there should be mutual agreement about making decisions, like school choices. If the child custody provisions are contained in an agreement, your husband should file a complaint for custody. If the provisions are contained in a court order, he should file a motion for contempt, and he should consider filing for a temporary restraining order depending upon the changes being made.