Disabled Veteran in need of legal advice


I am the wife of a disabled marine, who is being medically retired this month due to combat related injuries. Thank you for this opportunity to discuss our legal questions! Do you have any backround in handling military disability pay & child support?

I do have general power of attorney for my husband & he has a child support obligation which needs review upon his retirement. We have not sought a modification until now.
The original agreement for child support was for Moore County, North Carolina, but while my husband was abroad, the mother moved to South Carolina (and has been living there for over a year). I am not sure which state has jurisdiction for our child support order, since my husband is still a legal resident of NC, and has been during his years of service. We also are unclear as to what the court would deem as income in regards to VA disability payments, unemployment, and social security, etc. (We are not even sure what we will be receiving yet, when should I file for modification? Can I file now in the hopes we will have a court hearing sooner, or should I wait until we have all the necessary current paystubs, etc?)
Any advice you can give me on this situation would be very appreciated!!! We are looking at a huge financial crisis as we are uprooted from being stationed in California, & both of us losing our jobs (for me, due to having a baby in January and moving back to NC I can not go back to work after my maternity leave is over).

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


Unfortunately, all those sources of income would count for child support purposes.