Division of house proceeds


Wife lived in house for 7 years while raising the children. Ex-wife paid ALL of the expenses associated with the house. Ex husband paid child support but it did not represent half of the true cost of child expenses. Now they want to sell the house because it has become a financial burden. She wants all of the proceeds to start a new life. He wants half of the house profit. How would the courts handle this? Is he liable for half of the house payments, repairs, property taxes and insurance for prior years? The divorce went through without a SA.


If you have no Separation Agreement, and are divorced, the courts no longer have jurisdiction to equitably distribute the proceeds. I presume both parties’ names are on the deed, which would mean that you own the home as tenants in common. Upon sale, each party is entitled to half the proceeds.


I need some help with this issue. I own the house. I had the house before we were married. Now I have found out that he has been cheating the entire time we have been married. My name is on the house and his is not. My problem is I want him out but he will not leave. Will I have to evict him? I really just want to change the locks.I had a Sep agreement drawn up but he will not sign it. What can I do to get him out of this house. He is a truck drive and spend most of his time in Franklinton with his girlfriend. Help Please!!!


You can file for a divorce from bed and board (fault based court ordered separation) based on his adultery.