Divorce and ED

Our one year date is coming up and we have not agreed on ED.
I do have a claim filed with court for ED and we have been through one mediation session. May we still file for divorce (and be legally divorced) even though PS is not complete? I’m afraid the PS issues will go on a long time, but I would like to be legally divorced as soon as possible.
May I also remove him from my health insurance on the one year date?
Remember, I DO have a claim filed with the court for ED.
Thanks for your help-this forum has been very helpful over the past year.

Yes. So long as you have a claim for Equitable Distribution pending with the court at the time of divorce your rights are preserved and you may proceed with an action for absolute divorce.

Unless you have a binding agreement (or court order) requiring you to maintain his health insurance, you may remove him from your plan after the divorce is granted (not filed).