Does ED have to be the LAST thing litigated in a divorce?

STBX filed for divorce in Apri 2011.
Got custody & temp CS ruling almost immediately
Now judge is dragging his feet on PSS ruling (after a 3 day hearing and a 4 week wait on his ruling)
And when I ask the attny about when the ED will be litigated, I’m told “as soon as it can be put on the calendar”…yet the paralegal says “oh no, that’s a LONG WAYS off from now”!!

It’s been 9 months and the judge is “considering” a ruling for PSS for 10 months…and then I’m guessing Alimony will be decided after that (after who knows how long of a trial??)…and then ED will be litigated??

Why does it take so long for ED to be litigated? Does it have to be the VERY LAST thing in the divorce that is settled? You would think that ED would help in the awardance of Alimony (could negotiate property in exchange for Alimony).

Just wondering how to SPEED UP the process of this divorce. Seems that both attorneys are dragging their feet, when both parties are wanting this divorce settled ASAP!

Can I personally ask the clerk to schedule a time for ED? Or does my attorney have to do that? So sick of not getting answers (or getting conflicting answers) from my attorney’s office. And it’s too late in the game to FIRE my attorney! Just ready to move on with my life and get this behind me!

Your attorney is most familiar with your case. It is best to direct your questions to him.