Does wrong wedding date invalidate divorce judgement?


In looking over the “Judgement For Absolute Divorce Before the Clerk”, I noticed that on Finding 6, the wrong date (by far!) is specified for the date of marriage. All other items are correct. Does this affect the validity of the divorce at all?
Thanks in advance for your help.


The dates included in the judgment should be correct. You should file a motion to correct a clerical error in the judgment and have it reissued.


Thank you for your response. The judgement was granted very nearly 3 years ago. My ex’s attorney filed and I was not required to go to court. Afterwards, I saw the judgement and noticed the date was wrong. My ex asked his attorney and the attorney told him it was fine. My ex has since remarried.

The motion you suggest filing is just to clear up the error from 3 years ago, but the divorce is still valid even with the error on the judgement, right?


Yes, the divorce is valid.


Thank you again for taking the time to ease my mind.