E*trade Account

My huband and I used my 2008 Christmas bonus check to purchase Citi stock through ETrade in 2009. We paid under $3 a share and agreed during the marriage that this was a long-term investment that would be sold once the stock went back to its pre-market crash value of over $40.

Only his name is on the account and I’ve never been given access. Husband sold the stock in October 2010 when it was just over $4/share and after the date of separation supposedly to pay for an attorney. He did not have my permission to sell any stock and I did not know about the sale until March/April, 2011.

Now the stock is worth $44 a share. If he had not sold it for the $2566 in October, the account would be worth $27,456.

My question is: how is the court going to value the stock? Will it is be based on value as of DOS, what he sold it for or the value on the date of distribution?

Your help is so much appreciated.

The stock will be valued at the date of separation.