ED Timeline


Me ex has filed for ED and PSS, and the deadline for her serving of the ED Inventory was 1/31. I have still not received anything from her attorney. My deadline to serve them is 2/28. What am I obligated to do if they have not met the deadline or served me?


You should still move forward and file your EDI on time. You can make a motio to compel their compliance if they continue to stall.


I would rather not have to go through ED. They are the Plaintiffs in this matter. If they aren’t going forward as they should, do I have to go forward?


You do not have to push forward, it is the Plaintiff’s responsibility.


If the Plaintiff does not push forward, can I file a motion to close the case?


You may file a motion to dismiss based on their lack of prosecution of the claim.


Should I file the motion with prejudice? The Plaintiff has now moved over 130 miles away.