Employer Wage Affidavit


If the opposing counsel has provided me a Wake Dom 12 (employer wage affidavit) and asked me to find the right party at the company to get it filled out, do I have to do that? Isn’t that the OC’s responsibility to get that document to whomever that has to go to at the company for which I work? I happen to work at a fairly large company and the hr folks are not even sure who is the Custodian of Records. Why wouldn’t they just subpoena that information? I’m working through a motion to modify child support.


No, you do not have to have it filled out. They should send the request to the custodial of records at your company.

I see in the rules that 10.4 Employer Wage Affidavits. is requested when alimony is being determined but I don’t see that it is pertinent to motion to modify child support.