Equitable Distribution Action/Claim

Hello, I was wanting to know if I could get help in my equitable distribution claim. Me and my ex wife were granted an absolute divorce earlier this month. No children were born in this marriage. Throughout the process I’ve represented my self pro se since at the time I was unemployed and have successfully changed the venue to Guilford County from Mecklengurg county( we were married in Guilford county and both live their), gotten a summary judgement for absolute divorce, and have retained my rights for equitable distribution of marital properties before judgement(I have the judgement in writing). It’s been tough since she has 99% of our assets( The house in both our names, 401k, cars, stock options, etc.) and I’ve had to start from scratch. We were married for 9 years and throughout the marriage she made the bulk amount of the income(80/20). I didn’t start making good money until I finished school and have no retirement or 401k due to bring a contract worker. Therefore she’s going for a dismissal for equitable distribution. What should I do? Now that I am employed in the Charlotte area as a Business Intelligence Analyst, I would like to seek counsel. But seeing that this is a new job, I don’t really have time to take off to deal with these matters. Please help!

Our firm does not practice in Guilford County, but you can refer to our lawyer locator to find an attorney in Guilford County that can help you. If you want to proceed pro se, you should consider using our Rosen Online service where we can answer more in depth questions and provide you with forms for filing in your case.