Equitable Distribution

U can waste your money on lawyers and courts but, I doubt any judge will give you any relief. Get on with your life and put him in your past. He has every right to provide a place for himself to live just as you do.


FYI: In North Carolina, and property purchased while married must have both names on the deed. It does not necessarily give you any rights to the property unless you can prove he used marital funds to get it. It’s up to you whether or not it’s worth getting a lawyer to look into “your fair share”. If you have legal counsel, I would get their advice.

Dear loriluau:

Greetings. While a couple is married and they buy property, there is a presumption that the property is marital. However, this presumption can be rebutted and in your case, quite easily since he bought the property after the date of separation. He may have committed fraud, but I cannot advise on that and I would suggest that you speak to a criminal attorney or the district attorney in your county if you have questions on criminal law. Good luck.

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My husband and I separated in December of 2004. He bought a new condo a few months later but as far as I know, I am not on the deed, and he probably said he was single. Do I have any claim to this condo? Did he commit fraud when he bought this condo without my name on the deed? Thank you for any advice you may have on this subject.