Equitable distribution

Your alimony claim is based on his income and your needs, property is a different category all together. You are entitled to receive one half of the marital value of his business interest. Your husband

Thanks for your response. I understand all this, and a valuation has just been completed. However, I’m being told that because his monthly income comes from the practice and I am taking half his interest in the practice that is double dipping and it’s in the statute. If this is the case then this would happen whenever a spouse owns the business. Do you have any examples of this double dipping?

I disagree with the analysis that you are double dipping. Your spouse will continue to enjoy is income from the practice as well as the appreciation in the value of this asset. An example of what I would consider to be double dipping is putting a cash value on an

My spouse is a physician who is 1/3 owner in a private practice. I am being told that my claim for alimony may be negatively affected because my ed claim is coming from the same source where he gets his income. Is this true? What should I expect? How do I fight it?