Equitible Distribution


My STBX moved out of marital home while I was out of town without any prior notice or agreement. The home is financed in both of our names with the mortgage company. For the past 8 months, I’ve been making the whole mortgage note which has financially been hard on me. My question is can I get credit for paying their portion of the mortgage during our separation when I fill out the equitible distribution form. Our mortgage is $2K a month and by the way I think, I should be able to put down $8K as marital debt that should work in my advantage during equitible distribution since we are both legally responsible for the mortgage note. Any clarification would greatly be appreciated. We go to our first conference next month.


You may receive credit for paying the mortgage, and there is a section on the Equitable Distribution Affidavit for debt service since the date of separation.