Ex-husband off deed, but still on the loan

Hello. i was divorced 5 years ago. Two years ago, my ex-husband’s name was taken off the deed. The loan is still in both our names. He is now trying to buy a house. I have been making the mortgage payments by myself for the past 10 years. I have all the cancelled checks to prove it. My question is, due to my bad credit, I cannot refinance the house. I have talked to my bank and the lady I have spoken to has informed me that I can get my cancelled checks for the past year to year and a half and prove to the banking institution and the courts that I have been making the mortgage payments. Will this hold up in court? Need advise fast, since I am due in court on the 22nd of April.

Your advise will be greatly appreciated.

I have paid him part of the equity in the house two years ago. The sum of $16,400.00. He abandoned me, got a girl pregnant and I still had to pay him.

I’m not sure exactly what your question is or what you are going to court for or why you need to put canceled checks into evidence or why you need to prove you are the person making the mortgage payments. It sounds like you own the property free and clear of any claim of your husband’s unless there is still a claim for equitable distribution pending.