Ex provided false documents to child support hearing


My ex-wife provided false documents during our child support hearing. I met with CSA before we got infront of the Judge. I notice the gross pay information she supplied for the calculation was approximately, $1,600 less than it should be. I provide supporting documentation and the CSA worker left to talk with the Attorney. Needless to say we never got in front of the Judge because we ran out of time. We are rescheduled for later this year. What should I do next time we go back to court? Should I subpena her financial records to prevent this type of shenanigans? Is there any type of recourse incase she lies again?


You can request her pay stubs, year-end earning statements, bank statements, etc. through discovery. If she fails to disclose, you can file a motion to compel and the judge can force her to provide the requested information. I would gather as much proof as possible of her income prior to your hearing.