Ex wife taking the kids out of the country


Hello I am very upset to find that my ex-wife who is remarried to a navy guy just received orders to guam has decided in her mind that it is best for my kids to go for the adventure. I am a very involved dad, never missed a visit, i see my kids every 3 -4 days and call them every day nor have i missed a child support payment in 8 years. The divorce was in onslow county , i live in new hanover county and them in carteret county. PLease help me in letting me know the proper channels i need to seek and follow to get this stopped immeadiately.

Thank you very much for your time



If she moves and makes your visitation impossible, she will be in contempt of the current Order. If she wishes to move with the children to Guam she would need to file a motion to modify custody, and I believe if would be very difficult for her to win based on your consistent involvement with the children, and the great distance she wishes to move.
If you feel that she plans to move in violation of the Order, you may file an emergency motion to prevent her from leaving. The motion should be filed in the County where the current Order was issued.