Expenses for Household


Dear need sanity:

Greetings. No, technically he is not responsible for the monthly bills after he leaves (with the possible exception of the mortgage - since that is in both of your names).

My suggestion is that you obtain alimony from him to assist you with paying these expenses. No matter what you do agree to, get it in writing in the form of a properly executed separation agreement. You have a lot of rights which you are not apparently aware of, so I advise that you speak with an attorney. Good luck.

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My STB Ex has just informed me he will be moving out of the house before the end of the year. (due to recent perm employment 70miles away).

He told me he would give me half of the mortgage, but my question is b/c he will no longer be living there, isn’t he responsible for any maintenance that will need to be done to the home, i.e., broken fixtures, wood rot, etc.)

Would he be responsible for paying the water, electricity or gas??? He makes 3 times as much as I do, and my intent was to leave the home first, b/c he could maintain the house on his salary. I wouldn’t be able to do that, unless I get some alimony?

Please help, stressing big over big house!! Thank you!!