Filing A Motion


My x’s attorney contacted my (former)attorney and gave her a formal request of the wk she wanted w the kids over christmas break. Our papers state that we are allowed 2 wks of vacation per yr with the kids but we must give 30 day notice and if during Christmas holiday’s we must agree and it be in writing. SO, her attorney sent her request to my former attorney and said if we didn’t agree to what she wanted then they would just file a motion. What is this process and what can come out of it? I told my former attorney thanks for the email but I would like not to involve attorneys and I would contact my x via email and come up with what works for both of us. I’m in process of setting up a meeting with a new attorney, in the mean time, can her attorney just contact me regarding what my x wants and could I cc my emails to my x to her attny also? That’s what my attorney would do, just forward my emails to her attorney? Can I do that? And what is the process of filing this motion her attorney speaks of?


The would likely file a motion for judicial assistance if the two of you cannot agree. The judge will then decide what the Christmas visitation would be. Her attorney may contact you directly if you are not presently represented by counsel. You may cc emails to her attorney.