Filling Contempt of court order

Hi… and first of all let me kindly thank you for your site…
I am divorced, but receive permanent alimony. The court order states that he is to have it in on the first of each month through the clerk of court. But he never sends it in until the 8th or so… and it takes
two days for them to process that. And there for he makes me late on my bills each month…paying
late charges so forth and so on…It just stress’es me out. My landlord I have to pay him 45.00, each month for late charges, and getting extentions on other bills… And he knows this…I have called him a few times
to make sure that he was not ill, or something…and he is so nasty to me. Could you help me out as to what to do with this at this point… And also he is taking me back to court in Aug, of this year to have my alimony decreased…because he stated that he was retiring… my court order says only if he decease or
like wise, or that I remarry… He is a bussiness owner… Can you please direct me on what to do with this/
Thank You ! PWolfe

You may file a motion seeking that the court hold him in contempt for paying alimony late each month.

As for the modification, if your ex is retiring and his income is going to decrease the court may reduce alimony if the reduction in income is viewed as being substantial.