My understanding is that the NY order is in effect and lasts ad infinitum. At this stage of the game, consider the ages of your kids, and think that maybe they are just young adults who want to do their own thing–and separation from their parents is part of it, you remember that, right? Try not to take it personally. MAKING them come will only make them NOT want to come. You hafta love those teen years![:)]


Dear Sboccio:

Greetings. Yes, you must register your custody order here in NC in order to enforce it. Yes, if they only live one (1) mile away and they want to spend equal time with you, I don’t see why the courts would not grant you more substantial, if not equal, visitation and custody rights. Thank you.

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My children recently moved from NY to NC with their mother and stepfather. I have been living in NC since 1999 and my children would come and vist on holidays and spend a month in the summer. The mother has full custody and I have visitation. My one daughter is 18 and the other is 16. Lately their mother has been going out of her way to make excuses so they can’t come see me. The only live 1 mile away. We had a meeting mom and I and agreed that my 18 year old could come and stay with me on Tuesday and Thursday nights so I could help her with home work. Now she is changing her mind.

Do I have to register my divorce papers with the state of NC to enforce my visitation rights. Also I want to see if the courts will grant me equal time between the two homes since we both live in the same school district.