Going pro se and submitting evidence?

My fiance is going to court for the first time this month over custody of his 10yo daughter. He has evidence of his ex’s arrest records and where she publicly online claimed the child to be dead in order to raise money, along with a few other things. Neither of us have any courtroom experience nor money for an atty, not even a consultation. My fiance thinks to present the evidence he just needs to hand it to the judge and the judge will read it and make a decision based on just that. When he foes to court, and I will be wity him, how should he present his evidence? Will he need witnesses to supporr the evidence or his claims as to why he should have custody? Any other advice? Thanks!

Presenting evidence really depends on what the piece of evidence is. The witness presenting evidence should be someone who can lay foundation for the evidence (basically explain what it is, where it came from, and authenticate it).