Having ex served custody papers


MY ex refuses to give me her address to have her served custody papers. i have the children in my possession! the judge told me to file a publication in the news paper but im not sure how to do that and the news paper wont let me know how to file the legal notice


Notice must be published in a newspaper that is qualified for legal advertising and circulated in the area where the person to be served is believed to be living by serving party, or if there is no reliable information concerning the location of the party, then in the county where the action is pending. You can read the full rule by looking in the NC Rules of Civil Procedure- Rule 4(j)(1). http://www.ncga.state.nc.us/gascripts/statutes

Service by publication can be effectuated by publishing the notice once a week for 3 successive weeks.

Service by publication increases the standard waiting period from thirty to forty days for her to file a responsive pleading (measured from the date of the first such newspaper notice).