Health Insurance & splitting uninsured medical expense

When child support was initially ordered 14yrs ago, it was so ordered that I would carry health insurance on my son. 12 years ago I remarried, & had been self employed since therefore my new wife carries my son on her insurance via her employer. My ex and I were to split all uninsured medical costs 50/50 after all insurance has paid.

approximately 4 years ago my ex requested an increase in child support, her reason was she was also carrying my son on her insurance policy and she wanted more money, rather than going to Court, we agreed to sign a child support modification out of Court to increase the amount $100, the order was never modified to indicate she had added a policy on my son, nor what she pays for her policy. Therefore my son had “dual” coverage for the past several years. I recently learned that she was profiting from BOTH insurances paying in addition to my paying for my 50% of the bills.

Generally when I get the EOB I pay either in full patient liability if I can afford it or just my 50% (she never disclosed her insurance was paying anything- nor did she provide her EOB’s…I rather just pay it and be done with it (dual insurance didn’t pick up dr or perscription copays, just deductibles/coinsurance) On 4 occassions, she was issued REFUNDS on medical bills I paid in full after my insurance had paid and then apparently her insurance paid. She states this doesn’t matter because I am under Court Order to carry insurance- not her, what she does is her business- am I wrong in thinking that neither party should profit from my son going to the doctor? of course maybe thats why he she takes him so often lol… I thought if the order states you split all uninsured medical expense after all insurance has paid it meant just that? Am I wrong for presuming this?

Thanks for the sanity!

She will not be penalizes for having dual insurance for your son, but all uninsured cost should have been split.

All uninsured medical costs should be split after BOTH insurance companies have paid, although she is not under court order to carry, correct?


Yes, that is correct.