Health Insurence/Car Insurence .Do I have to pay?

I have been seperated from my wife for a little over 4 months now. I pay her an aggread upon child support I see the kids for 2 overnights each week. I am also paying for her Health/Dental/Eye/Car Insurence and her cell phone bill. Do I have to pay for these things. She told me I had to pay for the insurence for 1 years but I dont know. Is that true?

You are not required to pay any of these bills, unless you have a binding agreement or court order which requires you do so.

With respect to the health insurance, more often than not your HR will require a life changing event (divorce) occur, or require you provide proof that your wife has obtained her own coverage before they will allow you to drop her coverage. Further, there is a doctrine in NC under which you could be held liable for your spouse’s medical expenses in certain circumstances so it is best that the insurance is maintained through divorce.

The car insurance and cell phone bill can be cancelled or transferred to her name, however I do recommend that you keep payments current for so long as they are in your name to maintain credit worthiness.