Healthcare Premiums

My wife moved out of our house and abandoned me a week ago, with the explicit intention of living elsewhere and divorcing me. Two immediate questions I would like to have addressed are:

1.) Am I within my legal rights to change the locks and deny her access to the property (including the grounds).
2.) Do I have to continue to pay her healthcare premiums from this point on? (I’m self-employeed and I pay out-of-pocket each month to BCBS NC).

Thanks so much for your response!

If your wife moved out of the home with the clear intention to reside elsewhere you are perfectly within your rights to change the locks. You are now entitled to the exclusive use and possession of the home and she cannot enter without your permission.

With regard to the health insurance, you are not legally obligated to pay the premium, however you need to let her know that you will no longer pay, and ensure that she takes over the payments.

There is a little know law in NC called the doctrine of necessaries, under which you, as her spouse may become liable for her medical bills in the event she cannot afford to pay them, and the medical care provider relied on your credit (with the knowledge that you are her spouse, and without the knowledge that you are separated) in providing care.