HELP! property division questions


All property earned during the marriage which exists on the date of separation is marital property and divisible by a court.

The exceptions to this are gifts, inheritance and property owned before marriage.

So the car owned before marriage is separate property
The honorarium if it still exists on separation is marital
The house proceeds if they still exist are separate property.

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I’ve just separated from my ex. We were married for almost 4 years. I’m still trying to figure out how to divide our property. I have several questions and hope people who have gone through similar situations could help me out.

  1. Am I entitled to a portion of his company retirements after being married for nearly 4 years?
  2. He purchased a house right before we got married in 2001. The house was sold in 2003. How should this part of property be valued and distributed? I have the same question regarding a car he purchased before our marriage and has kept until now.
  3. Should we include my honorarium (money paid for my talks for which I didn’t pay tax, but the schools that invitied me did) in marital property?
  4. My parents gave me some gift money after my marriage, which I deposited in my personal bank account. Should this be counted as marital property?

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