Hi Amy, this is Amy! If your Husband were to file a lawsuit in NC, you would need to consult with a NC attorney. It sounds like you’re not going to challenge him on custody anyway, but he could try to get child support since he has the children. When you say he’s asking you to help “pay the bills”, is he referring to debt or things like utilities? You might be obligated to contribute to any debt that is marital (occuring after the marriage and before the date of separation and it benefitted the marriage) but unless he was dependant on your income during the marriage you are probably not obligated to continue to support him with his current bills. You should show any papers you receive to an attorney before signing them.

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My husband and i were’nt getting along so i moved back to PA. with my family i have 3 girls they didnt want to come with me due to school .they live in NC he’s telling me that i have to help him pay all the bills .but i took the biggest one that he would have my car payment and he got the house payment .he calls me late at night and harasses me about he’s getting custody of the kids but they’re old enough to make there own decision who they want to stay with and now they want to stay with him due to school … my oldest daugther in not his she is 17 but he saying shes not coming up either . he’s telling me.PA Law is diffrent then NC Law.That i have to got down there for a hearing .to come by myself and to bring my car .for one thing i’m not going down by myself .due to i’m scared what he might do to me.He’s telling me that i abandoned the girls but i did’nt i asked them if wanted to come .I could of been a real jerk and went to the school and pulled the out but i did’nt i gave them a choice and they wanted to stay .i told him i would sign any papers he wanted .but i don’t think i should help pay any bills that arn’et mine. thanks AMY

Amy Gulnac