His wife could be after me, should I be worried?


In a nutshell, my husband and I are happily married. We have a couple that we are friends with that is married. But she kicked him out the first week of January. He had nowhere to go so he asked if he could stay with us, which he has been ever since. He has his own room, has a job and still gives her 90% of his paycheck to pay all her bills and the rent. We do not charge him anything currently.

They have not gotten along ever since and have 1 teenage child still living at home who he does see weekly. It seems that they both think a divorce is going to happen.

My husband and I are very good friends with this man and care about him very much. We all joke around and kid around and laugh all the time. This man and I have exchanged some text messages of a suggestive and sexual nature but all in good fun. There has been no intercourse or cheating and hubby has read all the text messages. It’s really to us, innocent flirting and it cheers him up a lot which he needs because he is really depressed and down on himself.

This weekend, his wife stole his phone while they were attending an event for the child that lives at home. and she read a couple of text msgs that he was unable to delete because his phone is a piece of junk. These were very suggestion that something “oral” had occurred. Naturally she texted my husband which was no big deal since he knows.

Should I be concerned about alienation of affection problems from her? Could it be “proved” with nothing but suggestive text messages?

Also, if records were checked we have a lot of text messages over the past month or two. But some where my husband communicating with him and me communicating with him about normal stuff, what time will you be home? is meatloaf ok for dinner? hubby and I will be out tonight so you are on your own for dinner, do you want me to wash your sheets? etc.

so I’m worried they might say we had the inclination and the opportunity because of the text content and the fact he is living here. But my husband and I work out of our home and are here together 24/7 literally. So even if we wanted to have an affair it would be impossible.

Any advice would be most helpful.


His wife would be required to prove that any conduct between the two of you alienated his affections for her to be successful with an alienation suit. Since he was already out of the house at the time the messages were exchanged she will have a very hard time proving that you were the reason the marriage fell apart.


You gave me a sigh of relief. I’m really worried about her trying to pursue Criminal Conversation. (I don’t know WHY they call it that.) I mean my husband is here ALL the time. It would be impossible. All I’m guilty of is some sexy texts that hubby knew about.


Criminal conversation is a separate claim, distinct from Alienation of Affection. Your friend’s wife would have to prove you had sex with her husband, to do that she would need more than a few text messages.