House - Can he force me to sell?

My husband and I are very close to separating. The topic of our house keeps coming up. He has always said “If I don’t live here, no one will.” I want to keep our house for our daughter, she is 7. She loves her school and it’s the only home she has ever known. I have the means to buys out his equity. In anger, he says he would rather have us both live in tiny apartments than in our home.

If we sold our house, we’ll will never get out of it what we have put into it… especially in this market. After realtor fees etc… we will lose our shirts. Can he force me to sell?

I’ll be interested in an official answer to this as well.


I suggest you talk with an attorney in your area. Some have free consultations (write out your questions) others have a fee.

You may have to file to secure your interests…

He can’t force you to sell, but he can ask that the judge order it to be sold in an equitable distribution trial. The judge will listen to the arguments of both parties, and could order either that it be sold or that one party buy out the other.