Husband won't lower price of house! Trapped!

My husband and I have agreed to separate, however we are stuck in our house until it sells. My husband clears 5400/month and is paying about 3500 in mortgages(2 houses). We got an appraisal and my husband refuses to lower our asking price and to list it with a realtor. We are asking 50K more than the appraisal, and our price point makes a smaller market than some (580K).

My question is: Is there any way I can get the house for sale at or below appraisal price and list it with a realtor?

Even if I moved out (we have a 7yr old) I cannot afford anything until the house sells, and he obviously would not be able to pay support. I just want out of the house, he wants to make money.


Why do you have two houses? If you have two houses, why don’t you move into one of them? It appears you are still “married” and living in the same house. If that is so, then there isn’t much you can do to get him to lower the price and list the property.

If you file an action for Equitable Distribution you may ask the court to set the sale price of the home which is more consistent with the actual value.