I don't want the house

I don’t want the house. There is equity in it, but I know my husband will not agree to allow me to sell the house. The rumor is he is going to force me to buy him out of the house. What can I do to prevent this? Is there anyway I can get off the deed and the mortgage without his signature??

What if I abandon the house and let it go to foreclosure?? I know it will ruin my credit, but would he have any recourse against me?

By the way - he has attempted suicide twice. I completed an Ex Parte the second time to get him out of the house.

If you do not want the house and your spouse does he will have to buy you out, or if neither party wishes to retain the house, it will have to be sold.

You can sign off on the deed, but doing so will not release your from liability on the note, so a deed transfer is not advisable.

Abandoning the home and allowing it to go into foreclosure is not the answer. You will ruin your credit, and could be faulted for committing waste in an Equitable Distribution action.