I want to start over


I have been divorced for a year. When my ex-husband returned from overseas, he admitted to having an affair and ended our marriage of 14 years. In shock and wanting to move on, I signed the divorce papers. He lied to his lawyer and said we had been separated for a year when we had not. We have a daughter and there is not a custody or support established. He financially supported me solely for almost 2 years before serving me with papers, leaving me to struggle getting back to work to support my daughter. Emotionally I was a wreck but needed to survive for my daughter so I didn’t fight anything or even question anything. Now that the fog has lifted and I’ve managed to get on my feet, I want to modify the divorce, establish custody, child support and alimony. I am a single parent and the cost of a lawyer scares me but before I start thinking about that, I need to know if I even need to bother. I would feel so empowered if I just modified the divorce because at the time, I was so weak and scared and he knew that and used it in his favor. Please advise.


The divorce is final at this point in time. Also, because the divorce is complete, you cannot ever file for alimony. You have to file that claim prior to the divorce being finalized. Your options at this point are limited to child support and child custody. You can file those claims now, or at any point while the child is a minor.


Thank you!


You’re most welcome!