If you have an SA will you still go to court for divorce?

  1. If you and your spouse agree on all issues and execute a notarized separation agreement, once the year and a day separation time has passed what is the next step?

  2. Do you just file some paperwork with the County (Mecklenburg in this case) and 30 days later get some notification that the divorce is official, or do you have to go to court for a day, get something signed and wait for something in the mail?

  3. Is it good to have an itemized list of who-gets-what in the separation agreement for, say, everything >$500?



If you don’t want to incorporate the separation agreement into the divorce judgment then the court doesn’t care about the terms.

Step-by-step divorce process is beyond the scope of the forum. If you want to complete the process yourself then we offer step-by-step here: