I went to court last Thursday because my ex is trying to terminate the family support money he sends me. The judge asked if the separation agreement had been incorporated. What does this mean? Is it a good thing or a bad thing to be incorporated? Also, my lawyer termed the money my ex sends me “family support” instead of alimony. This was to help me on taxes. Have you heard of it being termed this? My ex is claiming that since my daughter is 18 and emancipated there is no longer family to support and he wants to completely terminate the family support. My daughter is in college, but is living at home and commuting. I appreciate your opinions.


If the agreement is incorporated, it is enforceable as a court order, not just an agreement. There are pros and cons to incorporation, and it always depends on the circumstances whether you want it incorporated. To be incorporated, a judge has to order it as part of the divorce decree.

“Family support” is not a legal term and is not defined in the family law statutes.