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“The definition of separate property is found in section 50-20(b)(2) of the North Carolina General Statutes – all real and personal property acquired before marriage, or property acquired during the marriage by bequest, devise, descent or gift. Professional and business licenses which would terminate on transfer are expressly defined to be separate property, as is any increase in value to separate property and income derived from such property. …”

My reading of that says that the money/property left to her by her fathers death is not marital and will not be concidered during ED.


Thank you for your input. It would seem that you are correct. One less thing to worry about.

Dear Allanj:

Greetings. Inheritances are separate and therefore not counted as marital property. Thank you.

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My wife and I are separated at this time, I left at the end of December. My question pertains to money received as an inheritance. Her father died the first of December and my wife was named in the will. She is to receive 1/4 of the assets of the estate. They are in the process of selling off some property and she has already received some cash from the split of his checking and savings.

When we file for divorce does this count as part of our property that is to be divided?