Joint custody


My husband and I have joint custody. I would love to move to Seattle to be with my family but I feel he will not allow it. Is there anyway that I can file for some sort of ability to leave the state? What are my options?


You may file a motion with the court to modify custody based on your desire to move to Seattle, however in my experience judges are hesitant to allow a move which would severely limit the other parent’s time with the children, especially if the current arrangement is a shared custody situation and the children are doing well.


My son is 12 yrs old… And wants to move with me and visit his dad. Does this have any bearing on the decision. He unfortunately does not like going to his dad’s home, as he lives with a woman already and they are having a child togther nad he is confused. Does that issue weigh into the decision? How do I file a motion?


Judges in their discretion may hear from a child with respect to what their desires are, however a child does not have the right to chose which parent they will live with. You will want to include the fact that your ex is getting ready to have another child in your motion as that too can be considered a substantial change in circumstances affecting your child’s welfare.