Joint Custody



I have joint custody of my 5 year old son (monday to monday) and I was awarded by the court zero child support to my ex because her income is vertually the same as mine. And I don’t pay alimony because I caught her cheating. Needless to say, she’s not a happy camper.

I’m remarried to a wonderful Christian women. My over night business travel has increased and part of our Child Consent agreement is Right of First Refusal. When I’m on business my ex has the right to watch my son and then I’m supposed to be able to make up the missed time.

However, my ex is making it diffilcut for me to make up the time. She states it’s my job that keeps me from my son…not her.

I’m concerned she’s using my travel to build a case against me to seek majority custody of our son. Do you think she be successful pursuing such as case…?

Thank you.


You might want to post this on the attorney’s forum. This forum has no attorney response. Personally, yes, I think it is possible that she will seek more than 1/2 time custody and then child support to make up for the extra nights. Whether that could be successful or not, you’d have to ask an attorney.