Joint vehicle


My STBX and I are jointly signed on a vehicle that is in my possession. I do not want it. Can I return the vehicle to her and tell her I don’t want it? If I let it get repossessed what effect does that have on ED?


If you allow the vehicle to become reposed you will be committing waste. A better option is to schedule a motion for interim allocation of the vehicle and the corresponding debt to have the court rule on what is to be done with the vehicle.


Can I just park it in the driveway and tell her I can’t afford it? I can’t afford to have a hearing over a car I can’t afford to pay for.


You may do so, but you are running the risk that she will not make the payments either and your credit will take a hit.


My STBX has made a motion to force me to pay the vehicle payment. I cannot afford it. What are my options? Can a judge order me to pay it?


A judge can order you to pay the car payment unless you show good cause for he/she not to order that make payment.