Jurisdiction and ending the drama


I filed for absolute divorce in 04/12.

Defendant filed answer and stated wanted alimony/PSS/ED along with unsupported allegations.

My attorney filed an answer Denying all statements.

June 2012 I was no longer a resident of NC and became resident of PA.

Middle of July 2012 had first child support hearing, which was continued.

Asked attorney why we can not file to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction.
He stated I waived that right by appearing in court.

August 2012 absolution divorce order was given.

To date I have never received any ED affidavits from Plaintiff. Nor have I ever
appeared,filed or participated in anything to do with ED claim.

To date I have never received anything or any information regarding PSS or alimony claim.

My goal is to end all of this as quickly as possible. Can a motion for dismissal be filed
on the grounds of not only lack of personal jurisdiction, however opposing counsels
failure to follow time frames/procedures as detailed in NC statutes?

I drive over the road and it is very difficult to continually appear for court appearances

Definitely in need of guidance and assistance.


You do not have an argument against personal jurisdiction.

Sometimes, cases are dismissed for lack of prosecution, but that takes substantial time and usually is done by motion of the court, and how you would go about doing it would vary depending on the jurisdiction. I would speak with an attorney in the county where the case is pending to determine the best course of action.