I’m not sure of your questions but from what I got you want to know if you can use messages (e-mail or text?) as evidence? Yes if you have copies of them. You can have others testify if they have first hand knowledge, meaning that they witnessed or heard directly not that someone else told them. You can use recordings of phone calls if you have that also. You can also use any statements verbal or written that she made to you. That will be “her word against yours” but a lawyer may be able to catch her in a lie.

Dear thumper1974:

Greetings. Yes, you can use testimony of others as evidence. Yes, a lawyer may be able to get cell phone records if you are in litigation and if they are needed. Good luck.

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does anyone have any ideas as what i can use for proof…i know according to her messanging she was pregnant while we seperated,we are in the process of working things out until i found out alot of things.we were seperated from april of 06 to nov of 06.she had a guy move in with here slept with a few…so basically can i use the messages i have and can i use testimony from other people that know better than me what has went on…we have one child together and the reason we seperated was due to her family tellin her she can do better yada yada…and can a lawyer get cell phone records?boy did i get on a ramble…but anyways any help will be apprciated…thanks