Modification of child support-Does this qualify?


My ex-husband and I have been divorced for one year. Prior to our divorce, we owned a home together and have had it on the market for 18 months (since March 2008). He is living in the home and making all payments. Our child support and alimony agreement states that he will pay me a specific amount for alimony and $0 child support until the house sells, then begin with full child support and alimony. Full child support and alimony totals $1600 more than I am receiving now. Since it has taken a significantly longer time to sell the house than anticipated, I have been depleting my savings and barely able to make ends meet. Initially, he was uncooperative with readying the house to sell, refusing recommendations from our realtor on how to sell the house quicker and now our home continues to sit, unsold. I am considering filing a modification of child support stating that the length of time it has taken to sell the house was unanticipated and requesting more money from him. How likely is it that I will get more? My salary is approximately 30% of what he makes. Thank you.


If child support is outlined in an agreement you may file an original action for support based on the NC guidelines, I see no reason why support would not be awarded as it is based on the incomes of the parties, daycare costs and insurance costs, not expenses.


This is true. How do I know? Because I am living it. I was required to pay over 2K a month in child support and alimony and continue paying my normal expenses. Obviously, it ruined my finances. I admire the fact that you worked with your ex’s financial situation so that the house could be gone first. But, as a man he should hone up to the responsibility of paying child support and should have been giving you something.